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September 11th queries

At the time of the September 11th attacks, I remember feeling a bit confused by the way the main world trade centre towers disintegrated in such a short space of time. I think I felt that the buildings had failed too spectacularly to have been only the responsibility of the terrorists who had flown the planes into them. However, the news coverage, which did initially raise some questions seemed to conclude that nothing strange had happened, that the collapses were explicable by the nature of the buildings construction and the extremity of the fires caused by large quantities of jet fuel so my thoughts about the issue subsided.

Recently, I was surprised to find that there are a great number of people who also had doubts about what happened and have uncovered a catalogue of inconsistencies on doing further research.

The most compelling information I found was…

  • The main world trade centre towers fell at almost the same rate as free-fall (ie the same speed as an object dropped from the top of the building accelerated by gravity). This seems to conflict with the official theory of why the towers collapsed which involved the “pancaking” of floors. To fall at free-fall speed, there would need to be virtually no resistance, yet if the building collapsed due to the crushing of lower floors by the ones above, there would have to be resistance.
  • The order of the tower collapses appears strange – the first tower to be hit fell after the second. The second tower to be hit also differed in that the plane hit near a corner of the building and much of the fuel can be seen exploding out the side, suggesting that there would be less fire damage from this hit.
  • The collapses have been explained with talk of intense fires and heat that weakened the structures at the crash zones but there are reports of fire-fighters reaching the crash zones and reporting relatively small fires.
  • There are reports and evidence of multiple explosions in the bases of the towers prior to collapse where the collapse is said to have been initiated in the impact zones.
  • Jet fuel burns at a relatively low temperature, lower than the melting point of steel for instance. Where jet fuel burning could have bent/weakened steel and therefore caused collapse, why were pools of still molten steel found in the building rubble weeks after the collapse?
  • Steel frame buildings have been involved in intense fires before without such catastrophic collapses. The world trade centre towers had even been designed with the idea of withstanding a collision with a large aeroplane. Whether the aeroplanes brought some special factor to the collapses or not, there is the issue of WTC building 7. This was a 47 storey steel-frame building in the complex which was slightly damaged by the collapses of the main towers and was found to be on fire. This building then collapsed later in the afternoon, again at almost free-fall speed, straight down into its own foot-print. Demolition experts have said that the collapse looks just like a planned demolition, and yet that would have been almost impossible to have arranged.

These were some of the most disturbing factors for me but there were many more.

Almost 5 years on, it is incredible how little main-stream interest there is in these questions. Unfortunately, this subject and the important questions that are raised seem to mainly exist in a murky world of internet conspiracy theories. If you want to find out more, one of the more reasonable places to start is Scholars for 9/11 Truth and theologian David Ray Griffin presents some of the most reasonable-sounding investigations into the matter.

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