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More benefits of wine

Glass of wine

I recently came across the Science Daily web site and signed up for their free email of current science news. The emails come with an enormous number of headlines each day. A few wine-related stories that interested me…

  1. Wine is great as a mouth wash! – The antibacterial properties of wine can reduce the bacteria in the mouth that are responsible for tooth decay. Read more here. Wine certainly tastes better than Listerene.
  2. White wine is a great disinfectant/cleaning fluid – The acid and alcohol combination in wine makes it a powerful antibacterial and cleaner. Mark Daeschel, a microbiologist at Oregon State University is trying to make it possible to use waste wine as a cleaner, thereby finding a use for the waste and providing a cheap effective cleaner (wine taxes in many parts of the world would make using drinkable wine an expensive choice). Read more here also with a nice little video.
  3. Red wine antioxidant resveratrol can help kill cancer cells – When researchers treated pancreatic cancer cells with resveratrol before radiotherapy, more of the cells through apoptosis and there was a disruption of the mitochondrial membrane that was not seen as much without the resveratrol. Read more here
  4. Red wine can help protect against prostate cancer – On looking further, this is not very new news – I found a report on the results back in September 2004. It seems to have been an interesting study as many similar/previous studies didn’t distinguish the type of alcoholic beverages mostly consumed, so gave data on the effect of alcohol in general. This study recorded the types of alcoholic drinks consumed by men who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. They worked out that drinking 4+ glasses of red wine per week halved the risk of prostate cancer. Read more here and here

One Response

  1. Resveratrol can help you to lead a long and healthy life so says Dr. Oz.

    Resveratrol Supplements can help you control your weight naturally
    by increasing energy, reducing cravings, and limiting your appetite.
    According to Wikipedia, Consumer Lab, an independent dietary
    supplement and over the counter products evaluation organization,
    published a report on 13 November 2007 on the popular resveratrol
    supplements. The organization reported that there exists a wide range
    in quality, dose, and price among the 13 resveratrol products
    evaluated. The actual amount of resveratrol contained in the
    different brands range from 2.2mg for Revatrol, which claimed to have
    400mg of “Red Wine Grape Complex”, to 500mg for Biotivia.com Transmax,
    which is consistent with the amount claimed on the product’s label.
    Prices per 100mg of resveratrol ranged from less than $.30 for
    products made by Biotivia.com, jarrow, and country life, to a high of
    $45.27 for the Revatrol brand. None of the products tested were found
    to have significant levels of heavy metals or other contaminants.

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