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How Climate Change Could Affect Wine

Vineyard in Sicilly

This morning we had a presentation by Antonio Busalacchi founding director of the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) and Professor in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Maryland College Park. He has done research on how predicted climate changes in the next 100 years would effect the wine production areas of the world.  I wrote a brief summary of what I heard…

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More benefits of wine

Glass of wine

I recently came across the Science Daily web site and signed up for their free email of current science news. The emails come with an enormous number of headlines each day. A few wine-related stories that interested me…

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Plastic wine bottles

I just came across this (bottle on the left) in our local supermarket here in the uk…

Wolf Blass in PET bottle

My attention was drawn by the strange colour of the bottle and the fact that it looked rather small compared to all the other wine bottles. When I picked it up I found that it was very light and had flexible sides.

Not spending much time in the UK, I had missed the news about the arrival of plastic wine bottles.

Apart from thoughts about possible affects the plastic has on the wine, I immediately thought of some major benefits this packaging has for wine…

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