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Fishing in Puglia

Fish unloaded from boat, Mola di Bari

Last week I had my last thematic field trip with the university, studying the fishing industry in Puglia. Our trip was slightly disrupted by the unsettled weather that was affecting most of Italy and unfortunately we didn’t get to go out on boats and see fishing actually happening (unless you count seeing a small net-full of fish pulled out of the water in a fish farm). Anyway, there was plenty of other fish-related stuff…

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Farmed cod proves unsustainable

Just as we are about to leave for our university field trip on fishing, the Guardian reports that the company involved with aquaculture of cod in the Shetland islands has gone into bankruptcy.  The administrator is reported to have said that farming cod organically was too expensive – the fish had cost twice the price of wild cod.  Read the article here